Doctor and Other Updates

I'm exhausted from this week and looking forward to a quiet weekend what with the hurricane coming up the East coast and all. We're going to be going grocery shopping shortly.

We went to the doctor today and I mentioned I haven't stopped bleeding yet. He said let's wait until mid-next week and if I'm still spotting to come in to see him and he'll find out what's going on. If it does stop over the weekend, we're cleared to have Ahem! marital relations! We haven't had that kind of fun around our parts since July and I'm looking forward to it! We've been told to use condoms, he he, to make sure there won't be any infection, not a pregnancy.

Anyway, last update is that the couple I through the baby shower for had their baby yesterday. They named him the same name as an old friend's son. I really like that name - Rohan. I wish them all the luck in the world. Can't wait for them to bring him in the office!


Martha said…
You are so funny, Heather, Marital relations and all. That's a very cool name, "Rohan". Take care with the storm, the worst is always the power outage afterward.
Trace said…
He, he, he, try the vibrating one! My understanding is that you can use it w/or w/out the condom (wink). Then tell me how it is.
I hope the bleeding stops soon and you can really "enjoy" your weekend!

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