Happy Birthday to My Little Girl

Today is Phoebe's birthday. I can't believe at 7:36 AM this morning, she turned 8 years old. I feel like I just blinked and we're here. I'm sure the next time I blink she'll be 18 years old!

I just can't gush enough about how loving, sweet, smart and beautiful our little girl is. She's in second grade now and she's improving daily on her reading, math and handwriting. Her hobbies are figure skating, playing the guitar, and anything artsy - painting, drawing, sewing. She even has her own fabric stash already! She's been ice skating since she was four years old. Her cross overs are wonderful and she's starting to do waltz jumps with her coach. She started playing guitar in January this year and she really loves it. She can't wait to get a piano and loves to play around with one whenever she's near one. Phoebe really loves music and her singing with OperaDelaware's Artist Training program has come a long way this year. She even sang a song in French this summer during her workshop! I can't begin to say how scared she was at the beginning of the week to sing in a language she doesn't know, but she worked hard and did it beautifully! She still knows all the words to that song - oh and so do I!!!

Her beauty I think none can compare to. Her beautiful long brown hair and large brown eyes capture attention often. Unfortunately some of that attention comes from boys! I'm not ready for that yet. Thankfully, she's developing a good head on her shoulders and her reasons for liking her current boy-friend are spot on - "He's smart, nice, laughs at her jokes and compliments her drawings." Yes she did use the word "compliment"! The other thing I love so much about my Phoebe is her infectious laugh and the dimple in her cheek when she smiles. My life would not be complete without this little girl that's stolen my heart forever.


Martha said…
Happy Birthday to your Sweet Phoebe. She's Wonderful! Thank you for sharing the love of your daughter.
sky girl said…
Happy Birthday Phoebe!
Shaken Mama said…
Happy birthday, what a milestone, I can't even imagine my kids turning EIGHT! Incredible.

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, I'm sorry you guys have been in the same grind, and I'm excited for you guys with the next IVF cycle. Good luck! I'll look forward to following your journey too.
nancy said…
Happy Birthday Phoebe!!!
Anonymous said…
She sounds delightful! Happy Birthday! I've found that I absolutely love this age. My daughter just turned 9 and she's like my best friend. So much fun!
sara said…
Happy birthday Phoebe! What a very nice post - here's to many more good years to come!

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