IVF#2 - CD10

Well things are truckin' right along. I've got at least 4 follicles developing on both sides. Hopefully they all have good genetics and will develop into healthy embryos. I go back Wednesday morning for ultrasound and bloodwork. Not sure if they'll have me do HCG on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday night yet.

BTW, it's Merlot's fault I've been so absent the past several days. She recommended I read the books that True Blood is based off of and she was so right. I just finished "Dead Until Dark" which is the first book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries and it's awesome! I have to say I think I like it even better than Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles because the vampires in these books can have sex! I mean that's truly what we all wanted to do with Lestat, right? Oh, is that just me? I can now say I know who is killing all the girls in Bon Temps. I'll have to keep it secret from Leo as he's been watching the show with me.

Hope everyone is doing well while I've been on my reading hiatus. I did buy the first three books, so I do still have two more to keep me busy. It is good to have something to read when I go in for these doctor's appointments, but then they are so good, you don't want to put them down.


Martha said…
Go Follies Go! Best Wishes for this next step, thanks for the update. Thanks also for the reading recommendations, I am always on the lookout for new books and love vampires. Ooh, LeStat! You are so right on!! What is Phoebe going to be for Halloween? Daniel, the 13 y/o is going to be Dipsey Teletubby with three friends being the other teletubbies, hilarious, will have to post pix. Sam is going to be "The Bush Man of Fisherman's Wharf".
Trace said…
They're fast reading. I loved them!
Shal said…
I also liked the twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.. and why they say "teen fiction"... it is good reading for anyone... the first one reads more like it was written for a teen, but the others read like they are for adults...
Grow follicles grow!! 4 on both sides is great. I had 4 big ones on each side plus six smaller ones on the R. Fingers crossed for you!!
Lauren said…
Because I am watching the show I am refusing to read the books. I don't want to kwow what happens. It is good to know that they are good, though.
Miss Mac said…
Best wishes for this cycle & the upcoming ER! I'm in the second book of Stephanie Meyer's series & it is great story about a "good" vampire & his love interest- great waiting room material:] Take Care!
Thinking of you and hoping all is well!!! :) ((HUGS))

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