IVF#2 - CD5

I almost forgot to take my shot last night. Leo is out of town for work and after Phoebe and I got back from her ice skating class, we had some leftover birthday cake and I was wiped. My brother called me last night and talking to him I remembered that I had forgotten my shot and antibiotic. So I went downstairs and took care of the shot and went back upstairs. Later while I was watching TV, I realized I forgot to take the antibiotic, so I went back downstairs and took care of that. I think my brain is all fuzzy because I've been suffering through a lot of sinus pressure all day for the past few days. I don't know what's causing it other than the change in temperatures outside. It's been very brisk out lately.

I still have all this sinus pressure right now, but I'm getting a lot done at work today, so I'm feeling a bit better on the "time issues" thing I posted about yesterday. I just wish sometimes I could press the slow play or pause button so I can savor certain moments of the day, like standing with Phoebe to wait for the bus in the morning. It's so much fun to have that quiet time to talk to her, and then the bus is there and she has to go and I have to go be productive at work.

I think I'm going to go make myself some peppermint tea and get some more productive work done. I think the peppermint tea might help my sinuses. Have I ever mentioned I have a drawer at my desk full of herbal teas? I also have some green tea from China from a co-worker.


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