Woo Hoo Phillies & When Will Egg Retrieval Be?

I'm so happy the Phillies won last night. I'm wearing my red sweater today over a white button down shirt. Phoebe wore her pink Phillies t-shirt with a white long-sleeve t-shirt under it. And I'm sure she wore her Phillies jacket to school too! We let her stay up late last night to watch the game. She was really getting into it, and when you knew they were only playing 2 1/2 innings, you knew it shouldn't be a long game. And boy was that a far cry from the 1993 Phillies that was playing in this series! To end the game striking him out was awesome! I remember Mitch Williams from 93 and let me tell you, watching him pitch, you'd be biting your nails until you got to your elbow! He was such a loose cannon pitching. Watching the pitcher that ended the game last night (I can't remember his name now) was so calming. You felt like he had things under control. It must be that statue of William Penn they put on the Comcast Tower to help break the curse. It hasn't seemed like a Philadelphia team was going to choke at the end.

Talking about choking, hopefully my body won't this IVF cycle. I'm still not sure when they are going to do my egg retrieval. Talked to the doctor today. He'd like the follicles on the right to be bigger to try to get more mature eggs than just the ones on the left. So no HCG injection for me yet. I might do it tomorrow night and have retrieval on Saturday, but I'm not sure what his final prognosis is going to be. I go back tomorrow for bloodwork and scan to determine.


nancy said…
What are the sizes now?

Yay phillies!!! Although I just wanted them to win because I didn't want Tampa Bay to win since they beat my beloved red sox. :)
Martha said…
Yeah, Phillies! I thought of you and my nephew in Philly whose a big fan. Sending my best for your follies to grow and a great retrieval.
Anita Doberman said…
I too hoped for them to win because the beat the red sox - still go Phillies!
Anonymous said…
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