Last BCP Before IVF

Woo hoo! It's felt like it's been a long time coming. Today was my last of the 14 day birth control pill part of the IVF preparation. I should get AF within the next few days. On Monday I will probably have my baseline ultrasound. Unless it comes real early, then I might need to go in on Saturday morning. I'm really excited to have this one stick!

Phoebe is very lucky. She will be able to have whatever sticky candy she wants for Halloween. They took the spacers off this week and did a mold of her upper jaw so they can make the hardware. She goes back on Election Day for the spacers to be put back in and then the following week they will put the hardware in. The timing for this is working out great, since I don't know how this is going to impact her speech and she has a show with OperaDelaware on November 8th. I would hate for her to have to try to not just talk, but sing with this thing in. I hope she gets used to it quickly, as they will start their next show "The Mikado" in January.

BTW, another funny. Leo came with us last night to her ice skating class. He hasn't seen her skate in awhile, as he's been very busy with work. Last night he admitted it was a little scary watching her move around the ice so quickly. I find that funny because he's always the one reminding me not to look scared when she tries to climb trees or do gymnastics. I was able to stand their calmly and tell him I don't look at her too long, but that I am used to it by now.


Thinking lots of positive, sticky thoughts for you!!! ((HUGS))
Martha said…
That is great about moving on w/this cycle, Best Wishes Always!!! I'm glad you all will be able to enjoy Halloween, sticky candy and all! That is a cute story about Leo and Phoebe skating.
Alli said…
Glad you are moving along w/the cycle! How has it been for your daughter not being able to suck her thumb? Does she wake up or feel restless w/o it?
nancy said…
Woohoo! So excited for you!
Shaken Mama said…
How exciting! Good luck!!!

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