PG - 28 Weeks 3 Days - Congratulations in Order

I've been in tears several times today. I'm a happy crier and I could only be happier on the day our boys are born. My dear friend, Merlot, and her husband have now become parents. Merlot is my online friend, but she only lives 40 minutes away from us and we have met in real life a few times. We share a love of wine as well as our desire for children. Her and her husband have been through the wringer on this journey to parenthood. I'm not sure her current blog goes through all the issues they've had, but it's been long and painful. God definitely owes them some easier times. She's recently posted that they've been picked by as adoptive parents in their current domestic adoption pursuits. It sounds like it was very sudden, and she doesn't have all the details posted, but they are in Florida and have their daughter with them now. Please go and congratulate them on their new addition!!!

On my status, I'm officially uncomfortable all the time. I'm also officially in the 3rd trimester (woo hoo!). When I drive or do anything where I can't recline too much, the bottom of my ribs hurt. My lower back is a bit sore to the point where my right leg doesn't like to be picked up too much. I know which yoga postures would help this, but my body can't get in that position anymore, LOL. The rash on my lower legs and arms is still there, but the doctor confirmed it's not the liver bile issue that it could be, so she recommended taking benedryl. Considering how much I would love to sleep these days, that's not a great idea. A three hour nap in the afternoon has been done a few times and it was amazingly refreshing. And I still went to bed at a decent time. But I know every day I hang in there they are getting bigger, healthier and more ready to come out. So I'm just physically trying to hang in there as long as I can.


nancy said…
I saw her news - it's fantastic.

And congrats for you too - just making it this far is something to celebrate every week!
Martha said…
Congrats to Merlot and her Dh!!
Yipee for the third trimester, wow, this is going so fast. Sorry for the discomfort factor.
YAY for Merlot!

And oh my goodness...the 3rd trimester already!!! Holy cow! Time is just flying by. I'm sorry you're uncomfortable, but you're in the home stretch. Hang in there, sweetie! :)
Yeah for Merlot!!

I'm sorry to hear you're so uncomfortable. A while back we talked about how you needed to be prepped and thinking about the babies a lot earlier because of twins, but I can't remember if you mentioned if you're ready yet. Are you??


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