PG - 29 Weeks 4 Days - Pregnancy Brain/Momnesia

I've had a lot of interesting moments of pregnancy brain, but this week I had one that takes the cake. It was so funny I'm still laughing at how confused I get sometimes. We're Catholic and as I mentioned before our daughter received First Communion two weeks ago (I promise to get those pics out there. They are so cute!). She also has what they call CYFF classes every Tuesday night from September to mid-May. This started in 1st Grade and she'll continue until 6th Grade when she receives Confirmation. The last CYFF class of every year is not really a class, but a May Procession Mass. This is where they have an abbreviated mass with all they CYFF kids and their families and other church members and the First Communion and Confirmation kids come in their fancy dress outfits they wore for the occasion. After the mass is over, everyone processes outside and the "May Queen" (a little girl picked from the Communion class) crowns the statue of Mary outside with a crown of roses.

Well, of course I didn't pay attention that the date of this mass was Wednesday, instead of her usual night of Tuesday for CYFF class. So Tuesday night, Phoebe had to get all cleaned up after dinner, put on her dress, do her hair and hustle to the church. We show up 15 minutes early, but still expect to see people there. There was no one! Then I realize it's Tuesday and this thing is probably on Wednesday. We go to Rita's for water ice (of course!) and I let Phoebe slip out of her Communion dress and put on my fleece pullover so she won't get anything on her dress while she ate her water ice. I got home and double-checked the church calendar online and sure enough, it's the next night. We were 24 hours early!!!

We did it all over again last night and this time we were successful at getting the right night. Another funny thing that happened is that when we were all kneeling during Communion, I had to lean back on the seat because I can't kneel for so long with these big boys adding to my weight. I went to a Catholic school for a few years in my elementary school days and I was conditioned to kneel straight and not lean back on the pew. As soon as I leaned back because my knees were hurting, I felt like someone was going to come and tap my behind to remind me to stay straight! It felt very weird.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for your kind words on my blog :)
I'm very excited for my hubby's sake because he said he was starting to feel like he didn't have a purpose. I always tell him not to worry- God's writing our story!
: People Plan. God Laughs.
I need to put that where I can see it always!

You have pregnancy brain! What's cute is that you got to the place super early, yet you remembered not to lean back when kneeling- lol that's cute!

Hope the boys aren't weighing you down too much!!
Martha said…
Best Wishes for Phoebe's Communion. Momnesia, what a great term!
I feel like I'm in a permanent state of momnesia some days! **sigh** :)
That is so funny! I am glad you made some fun of it and went to rita's!
Ellen K. said…
At almost 30 weeks with twins, I think you're allowed to sit in the pew rather than kneel. : ) I was too exhausted and uncomfortable to even attempt kneeling at Mass after about 26 weeks!

Congrats on your kiddos & daughter's 1st Communion!
Lauren said…
Thank goodness you were early and not late. :-)

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