PG 28 Weeks 4 Days - "People Eat at Rita's"...

So I have the Rita's Water Ice commercial (I think this is only a Philly area franchise) running through my head as we went there last night for a snack/craving. Mmmmmmm. Mango water ice. I was craving it before we left for Phoebe's ice skating class. I'm so proud of her too! She officially passed both the Delta levels during this session and is now officially in the Freestyle levels. In the big leagues now! So happy for her! She worked so hard in ice skating over the past few months. I talked to Leo about going to Rita's after her class and he was gratefully on board. I'm so uncomfortable and cranky this week, I think he just wants to make me happy. We didn't tell Phoebe until we pulled into the parking lot and I was in heaven eating my mango water ice. Phoebe even commented on how I went from totally cranky to "so happy I'm singing commercials and practically dancing". Phoebe was having commitment issues and kept going back and forth from eating her vanilla soft-serve ice cream cone and trading with her Aunt Niki for her mango water ice. I tucked her into bed and she was complaining about her stomach aching. I told her that I didn't think it was a good idea to eat ice cream and water ice at the same sitting and that's what probably caused it. But she was so cute. Her response was "But they were both so good!!!"

The weather here is miserable. I'm sick of rain. I already want to sleep all the time and the dreary skies and rain aren't helping. It doesn't look like it'll be changing until Mother's Day rolls around.


Martha said…
Sorry for the Rain.
Water Ice is so great!! Yeah for Philly. I got a sympathy bellyache for Phoebe, mango water ice and vanilla ice cream, ugh.
Mango ice water sound deliciously refreshing minus the rain ;-)
Mel said…
Water ice sounds absolutely fantastic! I've never had the pleasure of trying it, but I'm thinking it's similar to a "Sno-Cone?" I've been addicted to popsicles during this pregnancy, so anything icy/slushy/frozen is right up my alley!

Booooo for the rain! Here's hoping the sun decides to shine on you...and soon! *hugs*
Miss Mac said…
Sounded good but had never heard of R.itas or Mango water ice... looked up the locations & there's a few in our state... one near the RE office so that might be an "after RE visit" treat sometime:] Hope you get some sunshine soon- always improves my mood! BTW- do you happen to have Merlot/Trace's address- would like to send a congrats email is if you would prefer to respond by email. Take Care!!!

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