Phoebe First Communion Pics

I'm going to get caught up - hopefully very quickly - on posting of new pics. Here are the ones from Phoebe's First Communion, which was the weekend of May 3rd. You'll have to excuse Phoebe if she looks tired in any of the photos. We go to 8 AM mass, so the pics at the house were done at 7AM!!!! Please note that her First Communion dress and veil have been in Leo's family for 35 years. His mom made it for their first daughter's communion and then all 5 of their girls have ended up wearing it. Phoebe is the 4th grand-daughter to wear it on their side of the family. It's really neat for me since I've been to all the cousin's First Communions (except 1 in Wisconsin) so I've seen it worn many times and then pics of all his sisters. The last pic here is with her Aunt Nicole, who is her godmother as well as the SIL that is coming to stay with us and help with "the boys". She was also the main conspirator with my friends to throw my baby shower. She's awesome!!!!!

Enjoy! Next I'll be trying to do a belly pic today and download pics from the baby shower.


Heather said…
She is so pretty!
Martha said…
Beautiful! You all look wonderful. Congratulations, Phoebe.
Mimi said…
That is a beautiful dress! She looks so beautiful!

I can't wait to see your belly pics!!!

That dress is beautiful and Phoebe is just stunning! Not to mention you look amazing! :)
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Awww, she's beautiful!
Mel said…
Phoebe is absolutely beautiful! You'll be keeping her locked-up until she's about 30, right?! What a wonderful tradition to pass-along the dress and veil, too.

Can hardly wait for the belly pics! :)
Such a pretty communion dress! Congrats!
Suzanne said…
She is so precious! You look great!
nancy said…
WOW!!! To wear such a special dress just made it all the better. BEAUTIFUL pictures! :) Congrats to Phoebe!
Formerly Gracie said…
Very, very beautiful!

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