The Power of Positive Thinking

Believe it or not things are going very very well. Busy as hell, which is why I haven't been around the blog world lately. I've been working hard on keeping positive thoughts and trying to make things better at home and work. I started listening to some old podcasts about The Law of Attraction. I got the podcasts from iTunes and not her website, but this is the lady. Let me tell you, she's pretty great! Since I've started using some of her tools, really good things have been happening at work and at home. Drama that used to be at work has almost all gone away. I keep telling myself, "I love that there is no drama at work!" and it seems to be working. I'm sure there's more to it. I'm sure my attitude has been more to diffusing the drama, which is helping matters, but I think it's the attitude that has to come first.

I've been working out the past two mornings too, which is great! I've been setting up the coffee pot the night before so I can get a cup of coffee in me before I work out. I need to make sure I'm done working out by the time I have to get everyone else up for the day. That's why I used to try working out at night, but I'm finding that our house is still like Grand Central Station at night, with comings and goings, taking Phoebe to activities, phone calls, emails that have to get out, and other chores that need to be done. All this keeps distracting me and then it gets to late and I don't want to work out. So in the morning while I drink my coffee I tell myself how great it's going to feel when I'm done working out. I get down to the elliptical machine and the first 10 minutes are tough. I just want to get off. Then I get in the groove with the music on my iPod and all is well. I think I need to come up with a few good music playlists to motivate me, but then when I'm in front of my computer with a few minutes, I forget what I like to workout to, LOL! I know the beginning of the workout being tough only seems to happen during the first week getting back to working out and more so when I try to in the morning, but I must say I feel great all day.

I have some cute pics that I'll post of getting the boys ready for bed. They are taking their baths together in the regular tub instead of the baby bathtub, which is great. What's funny though is it's harder to take their pics together these days. The instant I get them in position, they want to crawl off in different directions or together. It's really really cute.


Leigh said…
Are you reading my mind? I need to get my butt into gear too with exercise.

glad to hear the LOA is working for you! I def believe in positive thinking and talking.

I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to do this month, so you've just caught me as I'm finishing on the computer as I want to go READ!
Rebecca said…
Wow! Good for you for getting up to exercise...I though that me getting up early to shower was a commitment, but've outdone me!

Ah...yes, I have many pictures of one baby with other baby's leg or just the back of someone's definitely becomes more difficult to get a good "together" shot!
Marcelle said…
I'm a firm believer of the power of positive thinking....

Great that you got yourself training again. I've had a bad week...but next week I'm sure I'll be back to my self again.
Mano said…

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camilyn said…

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