Boys First Birthday!!!

Here are the pics from their actual birthday. I will warn you there was no actual birthday cake on their birthday. That came the next day at the usual Memorial Day barbeque at my in-laws.

BTW, something weird did happen on their first birthday. I did wake up out of the blue at 2AM, a few minutes before they were born the year before. I went and peeked on them and then took pics as soon as they woke up. Here's the boys waking up officially a year old!

Tommy (Mr. I-Love-To-Pull-To-Stand)

Liam's first moments were cranky, but he was very happy hiding behind a Cheerio at breakfast.

Here's the boys all dressed up and places to go!

Here's Phoebe getting in on the birthday love. Boy has her life changed in the last year!

Here's the boys enjoying some jazz music at the vineyard up the street from our house. Do you think they will take an afternoon nap here?

Here's a plug for our friend's jazz trio. Phoebe took this photo.

Phoebe's artistic creation of the day

Oh crazy, Mommy! What makes you think I would take a nap when there is so much fun here!

Liam's tired too, but he just wants some Aunt Niki love!

It was a beautiful afternoon at the vineyard. After the guys finished playing, we went back to the piano player's house and we all had a barbeque. We brought barbeque chicken (some using the Buffalo Wild Wings "Asian Zinger" sauce), my famous roasted vegetable quinoa salad and my husband's favorite cucumber salad. We brought a carrot cake and our friends had also bought a chocolate cake, but the boys never got to blow out candles this day as they had no afternoon nap. They were tired very quickly and we brought the pack n plays so they could sleep in their basement den while we relaxed and had a glass of wine. BTW, the boys need two pack n plays when they sleep away from home, as they'll just sleep or fight if they are in the same one. So we just bring two different ones and they sleep just fine. We're working on making them as flexible as Phoebe is. They were getting too used to sleeping only in their cribs at home.

All in all their birthday was a beautiful, relaxing day.


Marcelle said…
Happy first birthday to the beautiful boys!!
Heather said…
Great photos!!!
DaisyGal said…
OH I love those pix!!!
they are beautiful beautiful little boys and this next year is going to FUN FILLED for you I take a nap and get ready!!!

What a great family day to celebrate your little miracles.

It is so sweet that you suddenly woke up around the same time of their birth. It gave me chills.
sky girl said…
Happy Birthday beautiful boys!

Where did the year go??
I love the cranky pants pic and the one of Liam and Niki :)

It looked like such a lovely afternoon - bliss...

And I love how you woke at 2 am.

Hmmm, wonder if the babies will wake me at 2.51 because that's the only reason I'll be waking up LOL
Rebecca said…
What a fun day! Enjoy every celebrations!!!
Anonymous said…
Happy 1st Birthday!

I'm so jealous. I've been wanting to go, but I know Lovey Girl will NOT sit still and will try to walk all around.
Deanna said…
I love that picture of Liam waking up! He's wondering what the heck you're doing taking pictures that early in the morning. : ) Glad they had a great birthday. Those cakes in your next post turned out great too!

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