First Haircut

I know I still owe everyone some pics of their first birthday weekend. We have some pics from the vineyard as well as them waking up that morning as well as the cake the next day and being in the pool. However, the boys had their first haircut yesterday as it was getting very very long. I love Tommy's, but I'm not crazy about Liam's. I couldn't get into with my hair stylist to have her do it, but I'll try again for next time. So we just went to the local barber and it was fine, but it was two different women who did it. The lady that did Tommy was confident (even though my marshmallow cried) and it's exactly what I wanted, nice and short. But she didn't give us a lock of his hair, so I took it off the chair later. The lady that did Liam (who I held for this event) was not as confident and was afraid to straighten up his hair around his ears and on the back of his neck, so I finished that at home while he was eating. I know that sounds gross and I'm all against touching hair when you are near food, but he was really happy and didn't mind what I was doing when he was eating chunks of cantelope. Here's the before and after pics.




Heather said…
It is AMAZING what a difference a haircut makes. They look like cute little adorable baby boys in the first photo but they look so grown up in the second! I can't believe they are a year old already!!

Thank you for the distraction - cutest one EVER!!!
Marcelle said…
they both look very cute....I cried when my grandson had all his curls cut off!!!
Deanna said…
So cute! They really do look like big boys in that second picture.
They look so cute with their big boy haircuts. (They were cute before, but you know what I mean.)

Nugget's is getting shaggy and I'm having a hard time making plans to get it cut. I think I'm going to wait until after his first year pictures.
I can't BELIEVE how big they look with the haircuts.

They're so, so handsome.

BTW, working plus taking care of babies is near impossible.

My afternoons have been very unproductive with babies crawling all over me :)
P.S. Yes, can't wait to see pics of the cake

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