Summer TV/Computer Rules for Kids

So Phoebe got out of school last Friday and we're dealing with summer vacation! I have to say I prefer it to getting her up in the morning and dealing with homework after school. She's at her grandparents' right now, but I told her when she gets back home, the following are the rules around TV and the computer:

1. No TV during the day. She can watch some shows together with us as a family in the evening. I figured if it was a rainy day, I might give her a reprieve from this rule, but it's been a pretty dry summer so far.

2. She can only be on the computer for 1/2 hour a day and it will be timed with the kitchen timer.

I know this will be similar to the rules at her grandparents' house as they don't allow the kids to play with the computer at all and the TV is not watched in the daytime when it's nice outside. Kids must be outside playing.

If you have children, did you impose rules for TV and the computer for the summer? Any other rules I should think of?


Heather said…
My sister (who has a 12 year old) had similar rules when she was a WAHM. 1/2 hr tv a day, limited computer, read for one hour a day, chores (he has a cat so he has to do the litter box, empty dishwasher, take out trash, and clean his room - nothing drastic) and mostly she bought toys and things to encourage them to play outside...
I am like you... exactly.

I believe that TV is a last resort and well, I'm not a good example with the computer but for kids, I'll have to get better?

Is she a reader?

I used to read about 4 books a day when I was her age (children's books like Nancy Drew) and go to the library daily during school holidays.
cat said…
I severely limit TV time. But do use it with bad weather and sick kiddos.
sara said…
That would be a hard one. I like your rules. My husband is on the computer a lot and would probably be more relaxed, but I think limiting it is great. Hope you're having a great summer!
Bingo Reviews said…
I think this is a great idea. These days kids spend WAY to much time indoors. I think the best way to keep the rule is to help keep her busy doing other things like crafts or finding new hobbies.
Anonymous said…
darnit, just got my whole comment erase! (error 404--whatever that is)

the jist: it's totally different now than how it was when we grew up. ....i'm beginning to sound like my dad (when i was your age....) lol.
Rumour Miller said…
I haven't but it's rained here more than it has shined and the movies/tv/computer time has been needed many days.

When the sun shines, we are out and about as much as possible.

I hope as the girls get older they will love to read as much as they do now and as much as I do.

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