One Year Doctor Update

The boys had their one year check with the pediatrician yesterday morning. All went well, but the boys have hand, foot and mouth, which is a virus, so there's no real treatment. They both had fevers over the weekend and Liam was the first to have a fever so I assumed it was his teeth. Liam is getting his molars right now, and I remember Phoebe got a fever when her molars came in, but then Tommy got a fever two days later and then yesterday morning I noticed they both had a rash on their arms and legs. The doctor also pointed out that Tommy had a sore on his one pinky finger and they had a sore or two in their mouths. Even though their contagious, the doctor said there was no need to quarantine them from other children, as it's so common these days most kids they come in contact with will have it already.

Here's the boys stats at one year:

Tommy - 21 lbs 13 oz (9.89 kg) and 31 3/4 inches (80.6 cm)

Liam - 17 lbs 9 oz (7.9 kg) and 30 inches (76.2 cm)

The ped is concerned with Liam's weight. He's apparently not on the growth chart anymore. I'm sure the stomach bug they had the other week didn't help. She wants Liam to have 1 bottle of pediasure added to his diet every day and she wants to see him in a month. I was just comparing Tommy's weight and Liam weighs about what Tommy weighed at 6 months. Poor kid.

It's amazing how much they can do right now. Both boys only like table food, they are off bottles and onto sippy cups, and are now drinking whole milk instead of formula. They do still take two naps a day, morning and afternoon and go to bed around 7 PM. They will both take steps if we are holding their hands.

Tommy can pull himself to stand and is starting to cruise furniture. He can climb stairs. He was clapping, but he seems to have stopped that right now to favor the standing and trying to walk thing. He loves to babble and sometimes I think he means something when he sees me walk in the room and he goes "mamamamama". He still only has 4 teeth in the front, but I know more must be coming as the drool coming out of this mouth is unbelievable. Tommy is still signed up with Early Intervention for one physical therapy session per month.

Liam still will not pull himself to sit, but he does love to commando crawl around and can go many places that way. He loves waving to people to say hi or bye. He babbles, but his sounds very sing-song it is so cute. He has 8 teeth in the front and is now getting his molars in. Because Liam is a bit behind on his gross motor skills, he's still having weekly PT sessions. Because he doesn't like to cross the midline with his hands, won't hold his own sippy cup (he moans when he's thirsty until you hold it up for him) and won't tear at food with those ton of teeth he has, he's going to be starting occupational therapy 2x a month in the middle of June. I don't stress too much about Liam's little delays in development. I just keep warning him that he will see more people until he does the things he's supposed to be doing, LOL!

I'll be pulling pics from the weekend soon to see if I have some good one year pics to post.


Lauren said…
I can't believe they are one already. It seems like it flew by (at least for me). lol
Heather said…
Do you think there is a difference because they are twins? I mean, if you just had Liam would they be that concerned or just chalk it up to that is how he is going to grow but because they see his twin and how big he is, they are now "concerned"? Did that run on make any sense at all?
Heather said…
It did make sense. Actually our doctor said she wasn't expecting him to be as big as his brother. She just wants to have his weight on the growth chart for his height. He's apparently considered very underweight according to growth charts as he's not even on it as any percentile.
Gosh! I wonder if it's common here as I haven't heard of any babies getting hand, foot and mouth disease.

I'm amazed that they're off bottles and formula (when is that supposed to happen - we are so behind on those things in this house!) and onto sippy cups and real milk! Go boys!

To me, your boys sound VERY advanced for being that prem.

I think if we lived in the states, they'd send our kids for OT too.

I don't think you noticed but I didn't even bother to take them for their 10-month check-ups but recently decided that maybe I shouldn't be so relaxed LOL so have booked an appt next Monday (11-month birthday).

My main motive is to find out what she says about getting Connor to eat!

I would love to see what Kendra weighs (also a lightweight).
sara said…
I can't believe a year has gone by already. Happy Birthday little ones! I hope stuff with Liam works out and that he is a beefcake soon :-)
DaisyGal said…
I can't believe they are 1 either, weren't they just born. HOLY COW.

I worried about Jacob because he was always lighter and just built differently than Gio. Plus he was always about 4 lbs off from his big chuncky monkey brother, but lately now at 2....he is catching up. He has grown into his height has actually gained some weight so they are only off by about 2 lbs. Gio is still heavier to pick up...
I know Liam will get there, and all the great support and therapy he's getting will make the difference.
You're an awesome mom of 1 yr old TWINS....congrats!!!!!!
Martha said…
Happy Birthday to your Sweet Sons!! Wow, this year sure flew bye!

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