Memorial Day - and Cake Pics!

We spent the day after the boys official birthday at my in-laws for the usual Memorial Day picnic. It's on Sunday instead of Monday, so we don't all have to drive through Jersey traffic with people trying to go home that evening.

Here's Phoebe in her favorite place, the pool! That girl really knows how to swim! That day she showed me her shallow dive that DH taught her, the kind swimmers do off blocks at the beginning of a race. It was amazing!

And here's what you've all been waiting for! My niece made the boys their cakes. We all ate the Elmo cake and the boys each had their own individual cake to dig into. They came out fabulous and they really loved them.

Here's the boys and their daddy waiting for cake!

We all sang Happy Birthday! Here's the boys with Dad and Sis and their cute little new bibs!

Tommy stood in front of his cake to eat it, but Liam was so tired (another no afternoon nap day!), that he just wanted to sit in my lap and eat his cake.

Of course you want the "after" shot. Here's Liam with Aunt Niki. He really loves her, ya think?

And here's Tommy with the original Tommy (his granddad, Tommy is the third). Tommy's not that messy. I don't think he wanted to miss a single bit of cake.

Then we all took a dip in the pool. It was a hot day and this felt great!


The cakes look gorgeous! And so do all of you - Phoebe is something else - brave and fearless!
Rebecca said…
So much fun! I love the cakes. I want a pool...right now!
Lauren said…
They look like they have such a nice park like yard. And that pool... Well it looks like everyone had tons of fun!!
passingwindows said…
I love the photos. What beautiful children.

I am very interested in your profile; macrobiotics, imagery, Julia's book; they are all things I have been interested in. I would like to hear what you think helped because I feel a bit overwhelmed and now a bit "well, it hasn't made any difference so nothing is going to work" but I'd like to hear your experiences if you feel like it.
Martha said…
The party looks wonderful and your family is so beautiful. Happy Birthday to your sons!
Heather said…
What a great party! The cakes are too cute!!
DaisyGal said…
those cakes are GORGEOUS and delicious,,,I SO WANTED TO EAT THEM :)

your boys are soooo glad they turned 1 with all the love and hope around them that made them a dream come true. :)

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