Weekend!!! Ahhh!

I'm about to go jump in the shower. I got all sweaty this morning as we took a long walk with the boys and Leo and Phoebe rode their bikes. For breakfast the boys downed a 1/2 a banana each and some french toast sticks. Liam is enjoying his vanilla pediasure, but I'm sure he'd enjoy chocolate better. When I went to Bjs for our monthly trip there, they didn't seem to carry anything but vanilla or strawberry pediasure. They were out of motrin too, as there's been a big recall of that recently. Not a good time for that to happen when Liam has his molars coming in and we are completely out.

This week was crazy at work and trying to juggle taking the boys for their doctor's visit. I realize now that I'll need to take them for their blood work on Monday, as I forgot this morning. Next week is going to be crazy with Niki working the polls in NJ next Tuesday, so she'll be gone from Monday through Wednesday. I'm trying to get the boys into the day care at my work for Tuesday and Wednesday, but they are wait listed right now. We'll see how that goes. And Phoebe's school year is done on the 18th, but next Friday they have a picnic at the school that the parents are invited. I've gone every other year, now I have to figure out how to juggle it with everything else.

Don't get me wrong, I hope I don't sound depressing. I'm actually quite happy and I know next week will be fun. I'm just trying to figure out how to juggle everything with work and considering the economy, that's a good problem to have. I'm going to work on cleaning out the pics from the boys birthday weekend, so hopefully, I'll get to post some later today. Stay tuned.


Martha said…
Good stress is still Stress! It all sounds really wonderful If We Could Clone you to be in two places at once...
Heather said…
You could always add chocolate syrup!!

Good luck!
Queenie. . . said…
It's good that he likes the pediasure. It sounds kind of gross to me. But then, I equate it to protein shakes, which I've long had an aversion to.
Rebecca said…
It's all about the logistics, right? The Motrin thing is getting annoying!!

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