Child-Free Morning #1

The kids are all at their grandparents until the Fourth of July weekend. Phoebe finished third grade last Friday and today is our first day waking up without the kids. I'm missing them already, but I'm sure the trip is good for them. They will have so much fun swimming, playing in the sandbox and going on the swings and slide. We're going to focus on getting some work done and having some quiet time together.

I do have some good news! Liam is finally pulling himself up to sit!!!! It's taken him forever, but thankfully now the two things that made me concerned lately he is now doing: holding his own sippy cup and pulling himself to sit. He's going to have three weeks off physical therapy because of this trip to the grandparents', so I'm glad he's making some good progress.

Update: BTW, let me make it clear that the all-knowing, all-powerful Aunt Niki is with them, so they are not alone with their grandparents. I don't think they could handle two toddlers on their own. What's also nice is that Niki is there for all their physical therapy appointments with me and she'll be continuing to work with them on their therapy during these three weeks. And I think Tommy is on the verge of walking. He's getting really good at cruising furniture and crossing to the next piece of furniture as he cruises.



You mean you have 3 glorious weeks to yourself?

Oh I am JEALOUS :)

And these in-laws are something else volunteering for the madness!
Rebecca said…
That is so awesome!!!!
Marcia Francois said…
Now see, I was so focussed on the FREE TIME that I totally forgot about the boys improving on their skills :)

Well done boys!
cat said…
I haven't popped in for a long time, but congrats on the boy's birthday. Enjoy your child-free time.
Deanna said…
Wow...three weeks without kids? What will you do with yourself? : ) I'm sure they will LOVE being spoiled by grandparents.

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