Crazy Crazy Weekend and Lots of Party Updates

Wow! What a crazy weekend. The rest of the cleaning went very well. However, after getting the cleaning done, things have been crazy. We spent a very very quick trip to the ER after cleaning was over. As you know, our daughter is 10-years-old. My DH was showing her and her best friend who was sleeping over how to play golf. He did have a discussion with them about safety and making sure that you are always away from someone's swing. Needless to say, he walked away for one moment and an accident happened. Phoebe got hit accidentally. The funny thing is at first I was relieved, as when we heard the scream and the girls run in, I thought it was her best friend. Is it odd that I was relieved that it wasn't? I know DH felt the same way. You never want to tell someone their kid visiting your house needs emergency attention. But then we needed to quickly assess where all the blood was coming from and to get it to stop if possible. It did stop bleeding. It was a small cut on her forehead, but we weren't sure if she needed stitches. The ER of the best hospital in Delaware (which is really close to us) got us in and out very quickly and with glue and not stitches. We realized as we were in the waiting room we weren't going to have time to bake the cake with this trip and everything, so we called in the reserves, aka MIL and asked her if she could whip together an Elmo cake which she did with one of my SILs and niece. They also made Elmo faces on top of cupcakes. The boys loved them.

Sunday the party went very well, but I knew Liam was a little cranky and not his usual self. He did wake up the night after at 2:30 AM with a fever of 103F and pulling at his ears. We called the doctor in the morning and she gave a script for an antibiotic knowing it was a holiday and she'd see us the next day for their 2 year checkup. We had their 2 year checkup today although we only did Tommy's physical knowing Liam wasn't feeling well, and both their shots were put off to next Monday, since Liam still woke up with a fever of 102F. It turns out his ears aren't infected, but his tonsils and adenoids were inflamed. Then we were off to the ENT in the afternoon (ear, nose and throat doctor), for DH and both boys. The doctor decided not to give Tommy tubes yet due to this is not the time of year for getting ear infections and he doesn't have one right now. I appreciated it too, as it will make letting Tommy swim in the pool that much easier. They checked Liam out as well and yes, his ears do have some fluid that's not infected, but they can't say that it's not from the rest of whatever illness is going on right now. So they are both going back in six weeks for a hearing and fluid check.

But enough of that, I'm sure you'd be interested in seeing some of the pictures of the birthday party.

Tommy waking up as a 2-year-old!

Liam still asleep. I think he was starting to feel sick on Sunday.

Tommy with his Daddy and the other thing he loves more than anything, balls!

Liam woke up later and he wasn't much in the mood to eat, so later when he asked for apples with words, which I also now have on video, I had to give him an apple and stand next to him while he sat on a stool instead of his high chair.

Then they were all dressed and had an early lunch type snack so they could have an early nap to be ready for party guests. Here they are together!

Look at this adorable photo of Liam. I think he looks so loveable in this one.

Here's the cakes and cupcakes. They were so excited to see their favorite TV character on their cakes!

We let them each have their own candle to blow out. I explained how to blow it out to them, and Tommy blew his out. What a smart kid! And Liam loved everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to them. It made him smile.

And the boys ate cake. Tommy looks like he's going to unhinge his jaw eating the cake.

Here's Phoebe and I helping the boys open their gifts.

The boys got tricycles and helmets from us. Tommy is getting the hang of the pedals. Liam is still working on it.

The boys also had lots of fun on their birthday splashing in the wading pool on the back deck. Here's Tommy and then Liam enjoying the water.

Hope everyone else had a good Memorial Day weekend for those of us in the States or just a plain old good weekend elsewhere!


Mandy said…
At least Liam wasn't sick, and there was still cake! Nothing can get in the way of a party!! I'm glad you had a great time, even if there were a few bumps in the road.

I totally hear you on being glad it wasn't the friend! I watch my cousins' little girl who I will hover over while mine run wild through a mine field! That being said, if someone came to me and told me that my child had been injured in their care, I would totally shrug it off! They're kids and kids get hurt, but I just can't stand the blame! I think we're all like that!

Glue is sooo much easier than stitches! Hopefully Phoebe won't have much of a scar.
Gosh, Heather, I love those pics of Liam with his head on his hand :)

And Tommy eating cake reminds me of Connor.

Glad all is well for the moment re the ears.

They are SUCH adorable boys - I can't believe they're TWO!!!

And in that pic, you look like Chloe's slightly older sister :)
Lauren said…
They did a great job on those cupcakes and cake!!

I can't believe they are 2. They are sooo cute! You will definitely have to watch those girls when they get older.

I am glad Phoebe wasn't hurt too bad also. She too is looking so grown up in a way.

These kids grow up too quickly.
Happy 2 y/o to your handsome boys and their beautiful Mommy. Wow, they are so Grown up looking and mature in these pics. Sorry about P's lip, :o( and the boys fever too. Thanks for the photos.
Dolli-Mama said…
I LOVE the Elmo cake, it's so cute!
Your family is beautiful.
Deanna said…
Aw, love the pictures! Glad they had a great time on their birthday. They are both going to be heartbreakers with those big beautiful eyes! : )
Suzanne said…
I can't believe they are 2 already! That means mine will be turning 2 soon also...noooo! Where does the time go! We went through fluid and ear infection and if we ended up getting tubes in and adenoids out...big difference that made! But hopefully you won't have to go that route!
They are just too precious!
On My Mind 24/7 said…
Gosh the boys have gotten so big! They look like they had a great time. We will be doing Elmo theme for Harlee's B-Day too!

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