Point to Point - Winterthur 2011

We had a great day on Mother's Day and Phoebe had lots of fun taking pictures during our full day outing at Winterthur's annual Point to Point steeplechase horse races. It's a day to dress up, wear fancy hats, drink wine, eat cheese and crackers, see the fabulous sights, let your kids run wild in the open fields and eventually watch some horses race. Here's some great pics Phoebe took during the day.

I love this sweet picture she took of Liam!

One of the hat sellers in case you couldn't find one before the day:

The boys took pony rides with Daddy walking next to them. Here's Tommy who really enjoyed the ride a lot! We couldn't get a good photo of Liam on the pony.

Here we are walking around with the boys in their stroller. My chardonnay is in the orange cup and DH's ice water is in the blue. Must have plastic wine glasses when tailgating with wine.

Here's my sister-in-law, the kids Aunt Niki and her boyfriend Chris. Don't they look smashing!

I found a new hat that perfectly matched my dress. Bright pink is my favorite color, so this will be perfect for all summer, especially at the beach! I love this pic as you can see Tom with the stroller reflecting in my sunglasses along with all the tents.

Here's some pics of the races:

Here's a pic of our dear photographer of all the other photos, Phoebe. She had just had her face painted and a French braid put in the side of her hair.

She took a sweet pic of this gorgeous horse's face:

Look at this over-achiever jumper!

And to sum it all up, this is my favorite pic of me and the boys as they ran in the grass that day (yes, Niki is in the background too texting on her phone, LOL).


Very glam, Heather - you are looking fabulous!
Deanna said…
Love the hat! A friend of mine lives in Kentucky and has been posting pictures of her different hats for the last week or so. I could never pull them off, but I am thinking of a beach hat for our cruise later this month.

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