Still Getting Back on Track

So I'm still working on getting things done and keeping my motivation up. Last night I had to do the bills, which I was a little behind on, but not late on anything. As my daughter likes to say when I say we're running late for an appointment, "Oh Mom, that just means we're right on time." She knows I like to be early for things, so it's funny to see that she notices that. I'm going to keep trying with my Flylady routines, especially trying to get rid of perfectionism. I think that's why I get down on myself sometimes is because I expect that I can do more than I am, which I know is because of perfectionism. Not that I want to be perfect. I tell myself I don't want to be and work so hard to "go with the flow" more than I used to and it's working great. But every once in awhile I get mad with myself because I wish I could have the energy to workout more, be not behind on balancing the checkbook, my house was cleaner, etc. But I know reality. I'm a work out of the home mom to three: two crazy toddlers and one hormonal-ridden 10-year-old daughter who's handling puberty awesomely.

So I'm psyched that the checkbook is balanced again, I cleaned the Braille writing on the refrigerator handles (It's a joke we have in our house of how dirty those get), and all the clothes are currently put away and not in baskets. I'm doing some interviews for contractors at work today and tonight I will be planting more herbs, putting together a menu plan, working out, doing my weekly home blessing at home and downloading some pics from our Mother's Day outing at Point to Point, which is a fancy steeplechase race held once a year near us in Delaware.

BTW, I'm not affiliated with them in any way, but one of the ways I stay motivated is my listening to the podcasts for MorningCoach while I'm driving to and from work every day. Their free Monday podcast is on iTunes and that's all I get right now. I'm still working on their historical podcasts. Maybe someday I will sign up for a membership.


Heather, do you know how freaky this is? I was also doing budgets last night. We always seem to do them on the same day.

I still can't make mine balance but I'm going to make an executive decision and "take it" from our savings account as "overspending" - when I find what happened, I can always fix it but for now I'm letting go of my perfectionism :)
Mandy said…
Confession! I don't balance our checkbook-ever!

I love being a rebel!

It wasn't worth the additional stress. It's my way of escaping perfectionism. I keep a general tally going in my head, and check it often, but I don't balance anymore. I consider it a way to focus on real life a little more.

Glad you're getting back on track though! There's nothing better than coming home to a clean house.

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