Progress Not Perfection

I definitely need to update my blog more often. Things just get so busy and I'm trying to make progress on things in our life. I've started searching out some blogs that talk about Flylady as well as organizing and motivation to keep me going. And I'm trying not to fuss with myself if things aren't going as planned.

Some things I've been getting very good at - last week I exercised 5 days in the week, and this week I have exercised Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - I've also been using a three section notebook to write down daily tasks and longer-term goals. I need to get better at referring to it once I'm home after work, but it's getting better. The downside is my weight has been stable and I still feel bloated in my stomach sometimes. This is odd for me, as I'm used to gaining weight in my hips and not having it show up on my stomach. This might be what being over 40 is like, LOL. And then last night I had a bladder infection hit me all of a sudden. I was fine all day and then I go workout, felt like I had to use the bathroom the whole time when I was done and I did, "Ow!" and then I knew. I called the doctor and got an antibiotic called into the pharmacy, which was great. Everything was taken care of so quickly, but it derailed any progress as I wasn't feeling good the rest of the night. I'm trying to remind myself this is OK and life happens.

The boys' second birthday is this Sunday. We're having a party at home with just family and a few friends. I'm really looking forward to it. I find it funny though when DH and I have the same thoughts at the same time. Yesterday morning, I was thinking to myself, "I wonder if we have time to weed the flower beds and put down some mulch before the party?" and then DH asks me last night if we want to do that as well, so I'm trying to get an order in for mulch to be delivered by tomorrow, although if they want to drop it off today, that would be great! We'll clean the house really good on Saturday, get the front yard looking really nice and then bake the cake Saturday afternoon/evening. Woo hoo!

The boys are getting tricycles and helmets for their birthday!!! I hope they like them. We have a nice long, flat driveway, so there lots of opportunity for them to ride their tricycles. Now we need to get on cleaning out and organizing the garage, so we can find things and have easy storage of the tricycles. I don't like things left outside in the driveway at night.

I'll let you all know how things are going, moving forward and I'll find time to post some pics of the outside of the house and the vegetable garden, which is coming along very nicely.


Lauren said…
Sounds like great plans! I hope you have some nice weather to go along with your mulched flower beds. :-)

Happy 2nd birthday boys!
The title of your post is printed on a piece of paper at the top of my computer :)

hope you have fabulous weather this weekend!

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