Family Portraits!!!

We had our first family portrait done ever at the end of May. Our Church is doing them for their family directory and Tom did a great job scheduling our time for a Saturday morning at 10:30. The boys had breakfast, didn't need lunch yet and they don't want to nap until after lunch. Everything worked out great.

Here's the one the church is going to have in their directory:

Here is the one that we got a big copy and had them frame it. It's already hanging up in the hallway and we're so happy with how it turned out.

We also got an 8x10 of this and it's on a buffet table in our foyer. I think we look pretty good, like a toothpaste ad. I don't think we look this good in real life.

They tried to take some pics of just the kids at the end, but Liam was having nothing to do with it. Here's the best one of those, but we decided not to get any prints of these.


Mandy said…
I'm usually not a fan of posed studio shots but those turned out really nice! I love the one you had framed. Just another reminder that I need to get on the ball myself with pictures!
BigP's Heather said…
Those are fantastic!! Of course it is easier when you start out with such a great looking family!
Queenie. . . said…
They came out great! You totally cracked me up about the toothpaste ad.
wow, wow, wow!

Your pics are GORGEOUS - you all are so beautiful.

I also love the one you had framed and the one of you and T.

Anonymous said…
Lauren said…
Those all came out soooo good!

I always dread pictures of myself but hopefully someday I will get over that. :-)
seattlegal said…
Beautiful pics of a beautiful family!
Alan said…
Adorable pictures.You have a very beautiful family.Specially i love that picture that you had framed.
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Onesie Mommy said…
Beautiful... you, your hubby, your children, your family!
Nice family photographs. All the pics are lovely. The kid is really very cute and you both are looking stunning.
JJ said…
BEAUTIFUL pictures!
Really eye-catching pictures. very elegant and beautiful. Thankyou for sharing.
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