Gratitude - The Word of the Day

Gratitude is the word of the day. I've been thinking about having gratitude as I was listening to the Morning Coach podcast this morning and it was an older one talking about that topic and how having gratitude can really turn your perspective around. I think gratitude is what gets me through tough times. I'm grateful to be smart that when work issues or home issues come up that I know I'm smart enough to be able to deal with it. With both work and home, I am grateful to work and live with such awesome people that get things done and are supportive and helpful. And I'm grateful to go home to people who all love each other unconditionally. I am blessed with some really really good friends who would do anything for each other as well as forgive each other for our faults, LOL. So lots of things are stressful right now, but I'm just so blessed and happy because I have such gratitude for who I have in my life and the mental faculties I've been blessed with to get me through those tough times.

Now if I could only have some gratitude for the physical being I've been given and honor it with more exercise, LOL.

How do you feel gratitude gets you through your life? What are you grateful for?


I have been struggling and reminding myself for all my blessings of health, hearth, and home also keep me going.
I try to take joys in the little things and work to realize how I and we all really live in a state of Grace.
Goddess bless
I always try and remind myself that someone has it worse than my "perceived" bad time. Like with work, there are TONS of people who don't even have a job. Surely I can do x, y or z.

THat's how I do it :)

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