Weekly Menu Plan - Week of 5/16/2011

Meant to post this yesterday, but this is what we're eating at our house this week for dinner!

Falafel pita sandwiches w/garlicky yogurt dill dip, alfalfa sprouts, greens and cucumbers. Also some leftover quinoa salad. It's a new recipe I need to post. It has figs, walnuts, red peppers, celery and carrots in it. Yum! And hummus with pita chips

Hot dogs, sweet potato fries and roasted brocolli

Grilled rosemary shrimp kabobs, brown rice, steamed carrots

Turkey Picadillo (from Leanne Ely's Low Carb Saving Dinner book), mashed faux-tay-toes, steamed brussel sprouts with sauteed mushrooms

Homemade pizza and salad

Saturday - going to Scottish festival. Not sure if we'll just have dinner there yet.

Sunday - TBD. Possibly a barbeque menu if the weather is nice for grilling. Maybe invite some friends over if we're in the mood to cook for a big group.


Anonymous said…
Yum! Please post your recipes from Monday--I have the ingredients for flallafel and no idea what to make with it! :)

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