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Dinner, Home Decor, Strawberries, Sleeping Standing Children and Juicing

I'm going to do today's update based on the pictures I downloaded from my camera, so this will be very random.

DH is an amazing cook.  I have no idea how he comes up with it.  Here's our dinner pics from last Thursday night.

And here's how he put it all together on a salad.  The chicken is here somewhere.  And yes that is grilled pineapple, and a mix of grilled chick peas, onions, garlic and red peppers.

Our daughter loves to take pictures and she took some around the house the other day and I thought they were really good.  Here are a few of them.  This one is in our sun room.

So is this.  This is on the bookshelf in the sun room.  The middle jade piece Tom brought back from his trip to China a few years ago with the same EMBA program I'm about to do.  The others we bought in the States.

This is in our hallway downstairs

As we all know, naps with the boys has become hard to get to happen, so sometimes they just fall asleep where they are in the afternoon.  Tommy is still standing in this picture.

Liam was asleep too -

Yesterday, I peeked in the garden and found two strawberries ready for the picking.  They were delicious!

I've also taken to making myself a veggie juice drink for the past two days.  I haven't juiced in a long time and it's been awesome to start again.  Last night I juiced up two carrots, a cucumber, three pieces of kale, a lemon and a green apple.  Tonight I might throw in some parsley and a beet.

And here is my resultant to-go container for work the next day.  I put it in the fridge with my salad and two small slices of grilled flat-iron steak for lunch.


Deanna said…
Yummm! That dinner looks so good. We are going to have to try the grilled pineapple; I have heard a lot about it. Did he do the chick peas on the grill too? I love chick peas and need to use them more often.

That picture of Tommy sleeping standing up is hilarious!! Be sure and show that to him in a few years. : )
I love the standing up pic!!!!! And all the ones of food :)

That does look YUMMY! It makes such a difference when you both can cook... LOL

thank you for your lovely offer - of course we can go out to eat! Please - i hope you didn't feel obliged because of me whining about the spend??? I'm processing........ and I get more comfortable with spending the money daily!
SOOO cute to see their standing up naps. Those food pictures make me hungry!!
Mandy said…
I LOVE grilled pineapple! So yummy!

I don't envy the sleep follies but it is hilarious! I was SOOO excited to see our first strawberry starting to ripen, and then the next morning is was gone. I hope the bunnies enjoyed it.

So are you getting excited about getting back into the school grind?
My son has never been an enthusiastic napper, but lately it really blows me away how much he fights taking one -- despite walking around like a zombie all afternoon with his eyes rolling back in his head. I can totally see how your sons would then fall asleep like this. I think I may do the same myself pretty soon.

So fun to get to enjoy these photos. That food just about makes me cry, though -- I hate cooking, but I love eating food like that. :)

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