Menu Plan - Week of 9/21/2014

Another week, another menu plan - Go Me!!!  This is really helping us keep on track from wanting to just get take out during the week.

Curried pumpkin soup (made by Tom, it was amazing!!! and no cream, dairy or coconut milk in it at all!), salad, crusty bread

Ramen noodle soup, steamed Chinese greens

Angel hair (leftover), pesto, diced tomatoes; roasted chicken sausage and crusty bread

Wednesday - Tom and I are going to a comedy concert 
Frozen pizza or mac n cheese (will ask Phoebe which she feels like having with the boys)

Thursday - soccer practice night
Leftover pumpkin soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, salad

Chicken wings (barbecue and hot), french fries (made from potatoes we have), steamed green beans

I'm leaving Saturday and Sunday open as to what we want for dinner.  We'll probably being running errands on Saturday before Tom and I go out for our official date night.  This week will be kind of decadent, as we'll have time out on Wednesday night.  That never happens!  I also want to talk to Tom if we want to have a Sunday Funday this weekend, as our neighbor's daughter should be home from California!!!  I have to find out if she'll be across the street on Sunday, or if she'll be off at Penn State main campus, which is also where she's visiting some friends.


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