Still More Pediatrician Time and Tommy Eye Check

Above is how I feel about the way the boys still haven't quite seemed to be able to shake feeling under the weather.  Both boys still have swollen tonsils and Tommy has a huge lymph node in his neck that he says hurts when I touch it.  Neither boy has had a fever, they both have gotten back on a regular sleeping schedule for school days (8PM to 6:15AM) and they've been eating just fine.  However, because this doesn't seem to be getting much better this week, I'm taking them to the doctor's this afternoon for a checkup.  Hopefully, we can get over the hump of this bug and I can stop spraying everything down with antibacterial Windex or Lysol wipes obsessively.  I'd also like to stop walking around the house with a thermometer and flashlight to check out throats!

The one nice doctor's appointment we had was Tommy's eye checkup with the pediatric ophthalmologist.  He sees her every six months these days.  We all agreed his eyes are looking straight on, the prescription to his glasses seems to be still good, and there's no need to change anything.  His fine motor skills are getting better, so I don't think his wonky letters are from eyesight, just from immaturity in that skill.

I'm seeing a lot of improvement from both of them in their writing, which has been a concern for me.  If they keep progressing like they are right now, they will be right on track with their peers by the end of the year.

Right now, I just know we're all a bit weary.  We're making great things happen, but I honestly think this rainy, dreary day we are having today is just what the doctor ordered.  May our daughter's field hockey game and our boys' soccer practice be canceled this afternoon.  I think we would all use the quiet recoup time after the doctor tells me if there is any more antibiotics needed for these boys.


ah no, you guys, get well soon!

Good news on Tommy's eye check though. And yes to the writing.

I went to school a year early and had UGLY handwriting for a few years and then "miraculously" two years in, it clicked for me and my writing was good.
Mrs FF said…
Glad to hear there's some good news!!!

Hope everyone is back to perfect health quickly
Doris Gibbs said…
I can sympathize with the what I like to call the "Back to School Bug." When my daughter started kindergarten, she came home sick after the first week. It was the same with preschool. I now wipe down everything she brings home daily and so far so good in first grade. I would love to break the cycle this year.

Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes

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