The Strep Madness Continues....

I'm so glad I posted yesterday's post.  I'm also really glad the doctor and I decided to do a throat culture on both boys when we saw her yesterday.  That face the boys were making in the last post, it's still exactly how I feel!

Tommy's fast strep test came back positive.  He also has an ear infection.  The doctor ordered him to be put on Omnicef and we were crossing our fingers for no allergic reaction to it.  He's had yesterday's dose and today's and still no issues.  Whew!  Hopefully this latest antibiotic which he'll take for 10 days will do the trick.

Liam's fast strep test was negative; however, I called the doctor back to check today, as she ran an overnight culture and it's positive today.  We still don't understand if the allergic reaction he had was really the Clindamycin or the Omnicef, but we do know he had a definite allergic reaction to the Rocephin he had at the urgent care, so we're going to try Biaxin tonight and see if his body can tolerate that.  I'm also going to follow up with an allergist on Monday to see if I can get Liam an appointment and get to the bottom of what antibiotics or something else is he really allergic to.

Talking to the doctor about how this does not seem to be going away, when they are finished their antibiotics, we are probably going to re-culture their throats to make sure it is all gone.  In the meantime, I'm going to Google what to do about brushing their teeth.  When to swap out their toothbrush, or if there is a way to clean it while they are on antibiotics.  Any personal advice on that front is appreciated.


Marcia Francois said…
oh my word. hope you get to the bottom of the allergies soon!
Anonymous said…
I'm so sorry they're under the weather. We got an ear infection diagnosis today, too--and we have a penicillin allergy. May we all feel better soon!!!

Mrs FF said…
Oh noooo!!! Hope it is finally cleared this time around!!!!

Poor babies

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