My Nana and Getting More Organised

This is in 1977. Me, my grandmother and my uncle who is only two years older than me.

My grandmother passed away this week.  We're about to go up to where I'm originally from in upstate Pennsylvania for the viewing and funeral.  My Nana lived a full life, so I can't say I'm sad.  She was 83 years old, had two marriages, three kids and four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren (all of those were from me).  She had a great sense of humor, wanted to be like Elizabeth Taylor (didn't they all from this generation) and was very old fashioned as she was from a time when women worked only until they became wives.  She was my last living grandparent, so this is an end of an era for me.  It was my mother's last living parent and it makes me think of how odd that will be when I'm in that situation.  However, my parents are still young, so I think that will be quite some ways off.  They think they are old, but 61 and 65 are really not that old.  At least I won't think it's old when I get there, LOL.

Before I received this news on Wednesday afternoon, I have made great strides in getting areas of our house organized.  So far since the beginning of the school year at the end of August, I have organized the boys' clothes (except their pajama drawer, I still need to do that), the boys' bookshelves, two coat closets, under the kitchen sink and the homework/craft supplies.  Whew!  I'm doing all this as part of my friend Marcia's Live Organised Community.  She's really helping me keep on track!  This Saturday is her "Get It Done Day."  I'll be busy with the funeral and traveling back home; however, I plan to have Sunday as my "Get It Done Day."  I plan on tackling the boys' pajama drawer and my husband's office, which is also where we share office supply and filing cabinets.  I'm looking forward to it!


Again, so sorry about your Nana. Loss is loss, even though she had "a good innings" as we say (do you use this phrase there?)

And SO proud of you for all the organising you did - thanks also again for your endorsement of my stuff!
Mrs FF said…
Sorry about the loss, may her soul rest in perfect peace! Always very sad but we take comfort in the knowledge that she lived a long and full life.


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