September 2014 Goals

Some of these goals for September have already been completed, as they were helpful to do last weekend before we got back into the day-to-day school year schedule.  I look forward to getting more done.  Here's the paper calendar we keep on the refrigerator mentioned as #5 under "Family". This is also updated online.

  1. Menu plan weekly - plan out healthy meals and keep eating out to a minimum 
  2. Organize Phoebe’s room before school starts this year - Phoebe actually did this herself! 
  3. Work with Phoebe daily on her organization this school year – both homework and activities 
  4. Keep the boys organized with school; make sure we understand what homework and activities they have with school 
  5. Keep the family calendar online and on paper up-to-date.   Did this yesterday! 
  6. Keep the boys signed up for sports with the YMCA - The boys are in soccer this fall. 
  7. Document/start chores for kids before school starts and make it fun! I didn't get this done before the school year, but I will get this done soon. Right now, we're trying to get into the new school schedule with everyone out the door early in the morning. The bus comes for all three kids at 6:45AM. 
  1. Learn new responsibilities and exceed expectations for the rest of this year 
  2. Blog 3-4x per week on this blog
Health and Fitness
  1. Begin working towards weight goal for year end
  2. Cardio 4x per week
  3. Drink 8 glasses of water a day
  4. Eat healthy – build default diet
  1. Keep our checkbook and online file up-to-date of expenses
  2. Look for reoccurring expenses and if some can be canceled
  1. Declutter coat closets downstairs and setup launch pads for people to start their day right
  2. Organize boys bedroom/school clothes/closets - Completed this over last weekend!
  3. Begin decluttering the guest room so we would be able to begin painting during the fall
  4. Immediately – plan out garden seasonally and harvest/weed daily - I weeded and cleaned up the garden over the weekend.  Need to plant radishes and lettuces that will grow during the cooler fall weather and keep up with the weeding
  1. Begin learning basic conversational French
Fun, Recreation & Social
  1. Trip to Paris with Coni in Fall 2014?  This is also depending on what Coni can arrange
  2. Continue to meet up with friends 2x per month  - Already have two different Saturday nights setup.  Might have a third as well.
  3. Plan “Funday Sundays” in the fall – invite lots of fun people


cat said…
This is a great goals list! And love the social items.
I LOVE Funday Sundays - one day we're going to have another. Your and my family - just you wait and see. It might be somewhere else, but you wait :)

Love all the progress, Heather, and YAY to Phoebe!

(I write this while procrastinating on a pile of filing. I think I'll do some photos, write a blog and then attack it)

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