Quarantine and Disinfect

Here are my new best friends.  The boys and I were hit by strep throat ....  Hopefully, Tom and Phoebe are not going to get it.  I'm looking at Phoebe's throat all the time.  I still sent her to school as she looked fine this morning.  The boys and I are home, all on antibiotics.  My job now, other than attending some work calls from home, is to obsessively wipe down every surface of this house and push healthy foods on the boys like homemade soups.  Hopefully, everyone will be feeling better tomorrow as it is picture day at the boys' school.

I also need to rally myself as other than cleaning, I've got some areas of this house that need to be organized.  Right now my main areas of concern are:  boys' craft/school supply cabinet, the coat closet and the boys' pajama drawer.  I also know I need to buy the boys some more pajamas, but I want to take an inventory of what they have and what they need.

I also have a lot to learn at work with my new role.  I want to spend some time today organizing my thoughts of what I've seen so far and what questions I have accumulated.  I've been learning a lot of new acronyms and the lingo of the area, but as I hear new ones I look them up or ask someone on the team.

Our menu plan this week has been very fluid.  We have certain meals we knew we had things on hand to make, but didn't plan a specific day to make them.  Things like turkey club sandwiches, pork chops with butter beans and soups from the freezer.  This is mostly as even before we got sick, we had evening things to do with kids' school and activities every night this week.  Two of the nights were back to school nights (the last ever one for Phoebe - I'm assuming high school next year doesn't do this anymore) and tonight though the boys won't be going to soccer practice, Tom needs to go as he agreed to help coach the team.  He's doing a great job with that.

Time to go tackle the day!  Hope everyone has a good one!


oh gosh, hope the 3 of you get well soon, esp for the school photos!
I hope everyone feels better!!
Mandy said…
You're still sick! Yikes! I hope this clears up soon. I'm hoping our immune systems don't take a huge blow this first year of school.

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