April Goals Recap

  • Easter planning
  • Update Phoebe's Field Hockey schedule - she's done Spring Break the day after Easter
  • Work with boys on sight words and numbers/math skills - come up with some fun games
  • Date nights with Tom (already have next three weekends planned)
The last two goals will continue next month!

  • Become a Beachbody Coach - Working on helping people, finding out who needs our services, products and who wants to be a coach on my team!
  • Blog post 5x a week - This is post #12 for this month, which is not where I wanted to be, but it is better than in the past
  • Get up to date on blog reading on Feedly - Sort of.  I'm still working on finding time to read and comment on blogs more.
  • Build my blog followers:  Google - 50 and Feedly - 50 This so did not happen.  However, I do have more Instagram followers.  I need to identify what I really need to be targeting for growth in getting my message out.
  • Get to the office earlier - 8:30 is my new target.  This means I need to work on my evening routine to get more ready for the morning. LOLOLOLOLOL - This so did not happen either.  Lots of late nights and making sure stuff around the house was done before I left for the office. I need to work on this much much more!

Health and Fitness
  • Drop the 10 lbs I gained in grad school by the end of the April - I dropped 4 lbs! I'll take it!
  • Elliptical 5x per week - Not quite, but much better than I used to be.  I got in (counting today's workout later) 15 workouts on the elliptical machine!!!
  • Stretch or do yoga daily  I do stretch most days, but I also went to 2 yoga classes with Phoebe this month.
  • Limit coffee to one morning cup per day I did in the beginning of the month.  Sleep has been hard to come by.  Later in the month, I've liked that second cup of coffee in the afternoon again.
  • No wine/alcohol during the week and if I can avoid on weekend, bonus!  Last Saturday night, Tom and I had a date night and I stuck to water!!!  It's not as much of a need anymore.  I will still have a glass on a weeknight if I'm enjoying my favorite shows (Game of Thrones is back on !!!!)
  • Meal prep on weekends and/or after grocery shopping - make hummus, salad dressing, prep salads, chop veggies  This has been going great!

  • Submit taxes
  • Meal planning weekly
  • Build system of grocery lists - Sort of.  Our grocery shopping has been evolving this month.


  • Wash off plants in house
  • Paint guest room for Phoebe
  • Declutter the garage a little.  I have some stuff for donations stored in there I will get those cleaned up and out of the house
  • Start cleaning out the basement - find out what I can sell to the children's consignment vs. donations
  • Fix the carpet steam cleaner 
  • Plan/build out where the hot tub is going - Yes!  We bought us one for my birthday.  It should be available in May for installation.  That will make all other house projects easier, knowing we can go sit in the hot tub as a reward at the end of the day.
Under Home/Garden, there was a lot that didn't get done and will be moved to next month.  However, I did get the carpet cleaner fixed and I cleaned the carpets in our bedroom and sitting room.  Very proud of that.  Other things I also got done was scheduling the boys 6-year physical with my doctor.  I'm moving them over to my doctor instead of their pediatrician.  Everyone else in the house already sees my doctor and she does take children.  Very happy to have that decision made.


Alan Wahner said…
Hey Heather, many of your goals are similar to mine (get to office earlier, exercise, meal planning and house projects). Glad to see I'm not the only one who didn't achieve all they wanted this month ;-) But I made a lot of progress and am gaining momentum on making my life better. Hope next month you and I both will have more items crossed off our lists!
Heather Wilson said…
Congrats, Alan! I do find that when I write my goals down, even if it's just three to work on and focus each month on the progress, it really helps me. I find the actions toward working the goals give me more motivation to keep going. Keep up the good work. And don't get stuck with doing things perfectly. I mess up one day or two and then just start over again....
Do you know I haven't even had our kids' 5-year checkups done?!

And their 4-year ones? K had a cold the week before so when we went I told them to do her wellness check too. So only Connor had a proper focussed 4-year one.

I suppose I'll do it this year :)

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