Menu Plan - Week of 4/5/2015

One of my goals this month is to have a weekly menu plan.  During the craziness that was Spring Break last week, we ate out a lot.  We need to stop that or else we will blow our monthly budget.

Easter Sunday - sister-in-law hosted dinner

Mussels in butter, white wine and garlic
kids - angel hair pasta; adults - spaghetti squash
sauteed kale with garlic

Fish and chips (homemade from cod fillets)
Fennel, grapefruit and asparagus spring salad (Tom made this and it's amazing!!)

Phoebe has field hockey practice at 6PM - leftover taco night

Liam's favorite chicken (I need to post this recipe.  It's crispy seasoned chicken thighs.  It's a kid favorite in our house.  Eaten down to the bone!)
Roasted carrots
Brown rice

Pizza Night (Tom makes great homemade pizza dough)

Saturday is TBD based on what we feel like after a long week, how many leftovers we have and if we are out late running errands.

For breakfast every morning, I have Shakeology (chocolate vegan) mixed with unsweetened almond milk.  If you would like to join me on the Shakeology bandwagon, please see my link to order:


For lunch, I'm having a salad most days, making sure I have some protein and a homemade salad dressing.  Snacks options are:  hard boiled eggs, hummus with gluten free crackers or tortilla chips, almonds soaked in water overnight and coconut water.


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