In Search of Happy Mornings

Lately, I've really wanted the kids to go off on their days to school in a good mood.  It's been very important to me.  I've been making them the berry-kale smoothies, which make them very happy.  I've been playing perky music while we eat breakfast.  I want the kids (and my husband and I) to start our day off right by being happy and energetic.

Today, Tommy was in a grumpy mood.  He was getting his clothes on all wrong, he had a complaint about everything, including the music.  I teased him it was odd as he's usually our happy guy.  I teased him I was going to have to bring in The Odd Squad.  Nothing was working.  He had complaints the whole way down to the kitchen for breakfast.  As he sits down at the island with his brother for a bowl of cereal, the sun is in his eyes.  OK, let's move to the dining room.  It's too sunny in here too - grumble, grumble, grumble.  All of a sudden, I had a brainstorm that made smiles all around!

When it's too sunny, eat your breakfast with sunglasses!  We had a cool breakfast, in cool sunglasses, and then got to the bus stop with plenty of time to spare.  May I continue to keep my cool when someone is grumpy to find a way to send everyone off for their day happy!


I love how you turned it around, Heather. I also believe it's important to send the kids off "right" so they have a good start to their day.
Heather Wilson said…
It's funny, I've also found I start my day off on a better foot if I haven't gotten mad or frustrated when getting everyone out the door. It's also helped to get everyone up and dressed 10 minutes earlier than we were. It allows for time for figuring out creative solutions vs. "I have no time for issues. Eat your breakfast." I think once I've tried a few more tips on better mornings, I'll post them all.
Anonymous said…
Future's Too Bright...LOL

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