Menu Plan - Week of 4/26/2015

Wow!  Have I ever been busy working on those April goals! I know some will not get done as the exercising and learning the Beachbody business have kept me busy.  I'm having a great time though and my clothes are fitting me better than they have in a long time.

I will be posting tomorrow on how April goals went.  I'm very pleased and I have been keeping menu plans.  We may deviate from them every now and then, but it is more of moving around menus at home, rather than ordering take out or going to a restaurant.  Healthy eating and exercise has become quite the priority in our house.

Here is this week's menu plan (better late than never) and without any pretty pictures.

Ate out at Not Your Average Joe's. We have not eaten out in quite some time. They have lots of healthy choices.  I had grilled chicken with a cauliflower mash, garlic-y spinach and cucumber & tomato salad.

Teriyaki salmon, Asian cole slaw, roasted asparagus and braised endive.

Taco Tuesday once again!  This is a family favorite

Sandwich night again!  Phoebe has field hockey at 6PM.

Pasta, with sausage, fennel and roasted brocolli

Friday & Saturday - Tom and I are away.  The kids will have their Aunt Niki with them and she gets to choose dinner.  There are plenty of leftovers or she can make whatever she feels like, LOL.


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