Menu Plan - Week of 4/12/2015

We're getting glimpses of Spring this week!  Weather is getting warmer and we wanted some easy dinners this week.  Breakfasts for me have been Shakeology, as usual, lunches for Tom and I have been salads and some kind of protein.  I have my salads with a homemade salad dressing.  I'll need to post some of those dressing recipes soon.  With the healthy eating we've been doing and the cardio I've been doing in the evening, I'm doing really good on my losing weight goal.  I've lost almost 4lbs so far and have 9 more to go.  That was even with Easter candy around!  However, I have not been drinking any wine most evenings, so that helps too!

Sunday - French onion soup, cheeseburger sliders and cole slaw

Monday -  Homemade pizza - with grilled chicken, roasted garlic and spinach

Tuesday - Hot roast beef sandwiches and roasted Brussel sprouts

Wednesday -  Fish and chips - made with cod fillets, I need to post this recipe! It's become a family favorite.

Thursday - Steak salad with chipotle ranch dressing.  We take ranch dressing and doctor it up!  This recipe needs to be posted too.

Friday - Hot dogs and french fries (ultimate kid food!)

Saturday - Leftover night

Sunday - Church Spaghetti Dinner (we look forward to this all year!)


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