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Crazy Week

Wow! What a crazy week! We all had Monday off and I had a hair appointment in the afternoon, so Tom took Phoebe to the Sixers game in Philly. They had a great time. We also picked up Tom's car that morning. After I dropped him and Phoebe off with his car, he went to pick up his Dad and go to the game. I had a few hours of free time before my hair appt and I made the most of it. I went over to the juice place I love in Newark, DE and had a shot of wheatgrass. I also got to meet the owner, and she's really cool. I also got a great idea to get several shots with lids "to go" and freeze them for having them at home. Another lady was stopping by the shop to do just that. That might be a great way for me to get a shot of wheatgrass every day.

After at the juice shop, I went home and had an entire 50 minute yoga practice. There was no video or CD, just me, my book and doing as many poses as I wanted and trying some new things. It was awesome!!!

I went to get my hair done, and I've gone back to blonde. I couldn't take it anymore. I just didn't feel comfortable in bright pinks or reds with red hair, so a lot of my wardrobe was off limits. I never thought I'd be this comfortable being blonde. I used to rebel against it when I was younger. I hated people saying my light brown hair was "dirty blonde." I mean, I'm not a dumb blonde. Now it's almost a way for me to rebel that blondes can be smart too.

Work has been crazy all week, lots of meetings, the work is in full gear being back from the holidays. It's nice to know I have Monday off next week, as I took it off for Phoebe's school is closed for a teacher in-service. We've decided we will only do basic chores that day, and the rest of the day is going to be fun stuff. We're going to do crafts, play with her American Girl doll and legos, have a tea party with cookies we've baked. Basically, on Monday, I'm going to be a six year old! I can't wait!


Bronwyn said…
Welcome back to the land of the blonde! It's funny, looking at your bio photo it's hard to imagine you with red hair. Was it fun? I've never had the guts to stray very far from my natural colour (like you, kind of a medium blonde). But we need more smart blondies on our team, so I'm glad you're back, lol!

Have fun being six tomorrow -- it sounds like a blast!
Anonymous said…
Does this mean we will not see the picture with the auburn hair?
Lauren said…
How fun...

Schools are closed around me too for the same reason.

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