Fake Drawstring Pants???

I don't understand fake drawstring pants. Phoebe and I went and ran some fun errands today. We went to Borders and used the (2) $10 gift cards she had from the holidays. She bought the second Junie B. Jones box set, I convinced her to get the first of the Little House on the Prairie series and a book on how to draw characters from Dora the Explorer. The last was her personal favorite I think. She loves anything artistic and her drawing skills are quite good for a six-year-old. They're better than my drawing skills, although that's not hard to accomplish.

Anyway, back to the pants. We went to Target to see what kind of pants they may have for her as well as to pick up some children's cold medicine and Motrin. The former as she does have a cold and the latter as I ran out. Well Target had these cute warm up suit outfits, but they had what I called fake drawstring pants. It's the kind where the string is only in the front and doesn't go all the way around to tighten the waist. The pants either fit you the way they are or you are SOL. Phoebe would be SOL. She's a size 7 in legs, but a 4 in her waist. She's built just like me, all leg and no middle. She does have a bubble butt, just like me too, but I don't tell her cause I don't want to give her a complex. Anyway, we bought no pants at Target. We went over to Old Navy and found two pairs of 7 slim adjustable waist jeans. She still needs the adjustable waist on the slims. And Old Navy also had fake drawstring pants. They were really cute, but they'd fall down around her knees if I tried to put a size on her that would fit her legs. The only luck we've had in finding real drawstring pants is at Limited Too, and I'm not a big fan of that place. Too expensive and tarty for a six-year-old. Also, the Limited Too is closed at our mall for renovations. Just when I have $10 bonus bucks with them that expire at the end of the month.

All in all, we had a good day, even though the munchkin is sick. She did get a bloody nose today when we were about to walk into the grocery store. Poor kid. She pinched her nose with a tissue through most of the store. I setup the humidifier in her room tonight. That'll be going until spring. She's fine when she gets bloody noses, but it's a pain for the laundry fairy. BTW, I'm the laundry fairy. It's a joke I have with DH. When I put the laundry away and he sees me, I tease him that he caught the laundry fairy, since he really doesn't pay attention to when it gets done. It just magically happens! LOL!


Lauren said…
I hate fake drawstring pants. I just got the cutest pair of pants for my Belle and they too fall down from the waist. But I do love the adjustable ones.
Bonsai said…
I'd like to know what the deal is with fake drawstring pants too! Useless!

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