It's Getting to That Time

So AF is due to arrive on Saturday. Oh joy (not!). Of course I had the usual little pink yesterday and the day before to make me wonder if we did the deed this month. Of course I also notice on FF that it states that if I'm pregnant this month, the baby would be due on my daughter's seventh birthday. Which of course is similar to how my brother was born four months before my seventh birthday. So if I am, can I tell DD that it's her birthday present, LOL! I don't think she'll think that's a good idea.

On other fronts, I forgot to post that we took Phoebe to a Villanova basketball game on Saturday. She loved it! She got a sweatshirt and a pom pom to wave during the game. She said she wanted to wear the sweatshirt every day. I told her I'd have to wash it sometimes. She waved her pom pom around during the game and cheered "Let's go Nova!!!" I also explained the difference between two point shots and three point shots.

I think she's going to a Flyers game with me on Saturday. I got two tickets from work, but Tom's in school and isn't sure yet if he should skip class to come to the game with me. The fallback plan is for me to take Phoebe, because she's dying to go to a hockey game. She asked me last night again when she saw the UofD hockey players practicing after her ice skating class. I haven't said anything to her yet about the Flyers game unless Tom decides to go with me and she goes to her grandparents. Unfortunately since the tickets were from work, I could only get two.

So back to the first topic. I'm not sure if I'm going to test tomorrow morning or if I'll wait for Saturday.


Bonsai said…
What are your temps like? I wouldn't test - you should wait until after you've missed AF. Bahahahaha!!! Just kidding - I'm a serial tester. I need to be in POAS Anonymous. Good luck!!!
Lauren said…
Oh my! Good luck! (that way it covers which ever way you wish it to go) ;-)

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