The Transmission Died and Other Stuff

So the transmission in DH's car needed to be replaced. Go figure. I guess the car knew one of us had a bonus coming in soon, so it had to take it's share. It's been in the shop since Wednesday night and we'll be picking it up tomorrow (Monday). We're all of here for the holiday tomorrow, and I'm glad, because we have a busy day tomorrow. Chiropractors in the AM, pick up car and pay huge sum of money, and I'm getting my color touched up tomorrow. I really need to update my pic in the corner, as I don't look a thing like that anymore. I need my auburn hair color pic. I bet I'll get it updated right before I start going blonde again for the summer. BTW, having dark hair helped me find my first grey hair last week. Grey hairs aren't as noticable when blond roots are coming in, but when your roots are coming back onto dark hair, they kind of pop out. So there it was just one, on the top, middle part of my head. So I guess it's official that I color my hair for a reason now. BTW, finding my first grey does not bother me at all. I figure at almost 36 it's about time.

Friday was very exciting for Phoebe. Since Tom had to go to school on Friday, I let him take my car and I worked from home. In order to do that, I worked it out with Phoebe's school for her to take the bus to and from home, instead of the Y. That meant she was going on her first big school bus ride! She was so excited when I was dropping her off, she didn't even want to talk to the other boy that was waiting. She sat on the curb with her bus pass in her hand and waited. I've never seen her so quiet in all my life. She barely ate lunch too before I took her over. When she got dropped off, I found out she sat on the bus both ways with the boy at her stop and he's nice to talk to. I also found out in a very excited voice that, "Zach that's in her class with Mrs. Franks lives around the corner from us!" She's also been awesome while we were homebound with no car. She's been doing a lot of things for herself, not getting frustrated when things don't go her way (big problem around here!) and cleaning up all her messes when I ask with no complaints. Oooo, and did I mention she's been doing things the first time I ask most of the time! What more could a mom ask?

On the yoga thing, the one DVD I like is AM/PM yoga with Rodney Yee and Patricia Walden. They both practice Iyengar yoga, so they are pretty good. They don't hold poses though, but for a flow-type yoga, they are pretty good. Most of my practice is built from the three years of classes I had with Michael Fahey in Wilmington. He studies with Joan White in Philly and she is the best Iyengar yoga teacher in the US. She actually runs their teacher training program here in the states. I'm dying to meet her someday. If there are any classes in your area from an Iyengar instructor, I highly recommend going. The adjustments you'll receive and particular attention to the areas you need to work on will be worth it. I use the book I mentioned now as my guide. I will hold my poses as long as I feel comfortable and can do work in them. Depending on the pose, this length varies. My camel pose I have big issues with, especially in my lower back, so I will only hold for about three breaths while I try to elongate my lower back. Triangle pose, maybe a minute or two while I'm making adjustments. Headstands I can do five minutes against the wall, but I'm working up to 20 minutes. Hope this all helps!


Lauren said…
Blogger wasn't letting me post comments for a couple of days otherwise I would have done this sooner.

I can almost feel your pain with the transmission. My van keeps having transmission leaks. We spend a few hundred dollars to get it fixed then a few months later it leaks again. So now after about $1000 and 3 different trips to the mechanic I hope it doesn't spring a new leak. Cars can be such a pain in the neck.

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