Day #1 Update

I'm going to try to post my updates on how things are going with my diet and lifestyle changes. Here's how yesterday went:
  • Only drank tea - had small amount of OJ to wash down three drops of oregano oil to help get rid of this cold.
  • Definately no dairy
  • No wheat either

I ate kitchari for every meal time and drank tea with lemon and I was fine all day. I had one small cheat after Phoebe went to bed. I got really hungry and had some tortilla chips and Newman's salsa (damn him that's some good stuff!). I did check and the tortilla chips were corn meal only. I didn't pig out a lot, so I was still technically pretty good. I'm finishing off the batch of kitchari that I made today and I have some more mung beans soaking this morning to make one more batch tonight. I went to bed early last night, as I was tired from blowing my nose all day. I was able to wake up a bit easier this morning, so I'll probably go to bed early again tonight.

I also made some chicken broth last night. I'm practicing making better broths to make my soups even better. I make it with chicken thighs and I added carrots, celery hearts, a whole bunch of parsely, thyme, bay leaves and whole peppercorns. I strained it and put it in containers in the fridge for later use. I'll skim the fat off the top tonight. I just realized I forgot to put in onions. Oh well, next time.

To answer Lauren's question on the no coffee, no dairy and no wheat helping fertility, this is from the book The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis. There's also no alcohol either, but I don't drink that much, so I don't bother listing that. The no dairy is explained for people who've had endometriosis. I had it really bad when I was younger and I think it was because I drank a ton of milk when I was in my teens and 20s. Even though I'm not eating wheat products (which include my beloved pasta and bread), it's not low carb. I'm allowed brown rice, quinoa and barley. I believe this is also similar to the diet of Inconceivable by Julia Indichova, although she didn't swear off raw or cold foods like I am for my spleen qi deficiency.


Crystal said…
I'm so sorry about that last cycle hon, but again, you stand up and persevere and stay strong and find new ways to tweak things.

Here are some very positive vibes going out to you for this upcoming cycle.

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