Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned....

But enough with that Catholic guilt! I had a blueberry muffin this morning and a small cafe mocha. I didn't even enjoy it though. It wasn't as good tasting as I thought it would be, so I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon. Funny thing is I had no problem coming up with a title for this post. It kept going on over and over and over in my head. I hate confession too! Haven't done one since before my wedding. What would I confess? "Sometimes when I was hopped up on infertility drugs I wanted to kill my husband. " Oh wait, I can't admit to infertility drugs that could get me excommunicated? Or would that be part of the confession? I'm laughing to myself now wondering how many rosaries would you have to say to be absolved for using a vial of Gonal-F? Or would that help infertility treatment? How many prayers have I said hoping to get pregnant? Praying is a form of meditation and stress relief. We've all been told we just need to relax. I think I came up with a new program if I decide to give up my holistic methods..... 1. Get shot up with drugs, 2. Go to weekly confession for doing infertility treatments, 3. Say lots of rosaries as penance and stress relief program. Hmmmmm

Until then I think I'll continue to use this forum as my confessional of breaches of TCM diet. I will admit I've been very good the rest of the day. I had a lovely lunch of leftover baked salmon, brown rice and steamed sugar snap peas and carrots. Right now I'm having a snack of kitchari to keep my blood sugar level stable before I need to go home and make dinner.


Lauren said…
Thanks for the tips on the rice crispie treats. I sprayed the pan they went in to be smoothed out but not the spatula. That may help a lot!
Bonsai said…
Any more breaches in the diet? Just saying the word diet causes me to eat something I shouldn't! Hope you are doing well!

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