Past Two Days

I've been sleepy a lot. I can't seem to shake this congestion, although I believe it's getting better. I steamed my sinuses last night and I've continued taking my little bit of OJ with oregano oil a few times a day. I haven't been eating only kitchari for the past two days, but I've still been following the TCM diet. I did cheat a little bit this morning. They had a blueberry yogurt bread at the coffee shop this morning that looked really good. I did enjoy it thoroughly, though.

This cold weather is crazy! I was so cold yesterday and I couldn't shake it. I was working from home yesterday because our one oven was broken (again!). It seems to stop heating up after the self cleaning cycle is done. The other oven on it doesn't do that, just the one. It's been very frustrating, but I think they heard me, because I got a call from the manufacturer today (Wolf/Subzero) and they are sending someone else to look at it tomorrow. We'll see what happens. Anyway, I kept on getting cold sitting and working in the study in the front of the house. To warm up, I would sit in front of the oven while it was on the self cleaning cycle (we were testing to see if it would happen again). It warmed up the tile floor in front so nice, it was a joy to sit on the warm tiles!!!

We're supposed to finally get some snow accumulation tonight. We've had small snow showers come in over the past two weeks, but nothing we needed to shovel. We'll see. I could use a snow day!


Bronwyn said…
Count your blessings -- we've only got one oven, and it's stopped working completely (the fact that it's 20 years old probably has nothing to do with it, lol).

Enjoy the snow!

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