It's Official

We'll she's officially here. That's the end of that cycle. I'm still OK and hopeful. I think everything is preparing me for something great. I do keep on thinking about going back to the RE with all the new healthy habits I have. But there are so many other things I need to work on to prepare for something like that. I'm trying to reinforce my other good habits like taking care of the house and bills in a timely manner. And learning more at work. There is so much for me to learn at work, which is good. It fills my desire for knowledge.

Phoebe was so cute last night. She was so tired from all the excitement of her afternoon playdate with her friend Gina. I have to admit having her over here made me realize more why I dislike other children in this neighborhood. Gina was very polite, used her manners, and they cleaned up the playroom before she left. What was really nice was that they did what I always try to have Phoebe do of cleaning up one thing before you go play with another. Anyway, Phoebe was so tired when we went to the store, she was very cranky. I knew what was up, so I was very patient with her. We watched "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" on TV, and she feel asleep at the end of the movie. First of all, she never falls asleep in front of the TV. She can usually go until midnight if you let her. Second of all to fall asleep toward the end of an exciting action movie? I should've taken a picture. Although she does this wierd thing when she sleeps that her eyes are still partway open, just like her father. It's almost like their eyes are so large, their eyelids aren't big enough to fully cover them. I do have to say, I find her more and more amazing every day. She's becoming so big. She's over four feet tall already. She is going to be a great beauty someday with her large dark eyes, long dark hair, and olive yet still fair complexion.

It's funny though on the topic of wanting our daughters to be great beauties. We must admit that of course we want more than that. Anna Nicole Smith was a great beauty, Marilyn Monroe was a great beauty, but they were very messed up emotionally. I want Phoebe to do everything great. I love how smart she is and she is very emotionally well adjusted. She speaks her mind extremely well. If all I have to offer the world as my legacy is her, I wish everything of greatness for her.


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