Little Clarification

So let me clarify a bit on how I feel about "The Secret." I've been seeing or hearing a lot of articles being written and tv shows about this and some of them are not kind. I do agree that you are not going to be able to sit back and think positive thoughts and things will just come to you. There are some parts of the video that do indicate that, but I do disagree. However, I think the most important two things to get from that video is to stop thinking about things from the negative side and to have gratitude towards what you have already. These are two things that most people do and don't do that are working against them.

I also have my own two additional thoughts added to this. The one is to continue to work toward what you want and the second is that their is a period of time for things to happen that you must be patient about. So I'm thinking my positive thoughts, taking my vitamins and supplements, eating healthy, doing yoga, etc. and waiting for my answer to come.

Phoebe also said something funny today I want to jot down for posterity. I wish I could capture her expression when she talks though, because she made me laugh out loud.

Phoebe: "What day is today?"

me: "Wednesday."

"Cool. Today is Katie's last day."

"I'm sorry to hear that."

"I'm not, cause she's annoying!!!"

I had to laugh out loud at the last statement and the face she made, but then we talked more and found out her Dad is moving their family for his job and that's why she's leaving to go to another school. We also talked about her not hurting Katie's feelings letting her know she though this way, but to be nice and wish her luck at her new school.


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