In Bed

The title for this post will become clear soon, and get your brains out of the gutter!

As with the last post about my daughter's recently acquired skill to dial my cell phone number, I think everything she does is amazing and the cutest thing ever. Here's the latest one:

We have a back staircase that overlooks the family room. Yes, my new house has two staircases. The front one is the formal one that goes towards the master bedroom. Anyway, Phoebe likes to stand on the landing of the back staircase and look to see what Tom and I are doing after we put her to bed. Well, she fell asleep on the landing Tuesday night. I found her when I went upstairs to take my contact lenses out. I had Tom come upstairs to carry her to bed. 50 lbs of sleeping kid was a little more than my tired body to comprehend carrying at that time. She didn't even realize that she fell asleep there. Wednesday morning I asked her why she was spying on us from the landing. She looked all embarrassed and asked how I knew. I told her we had to carry her to bed and she didn't remember falling asleep there!

The second reason for the name of this post is a little joke we have between DH and I that we share with people sometimes. I don't know if you've ever heard of this. When you read your fortune cookie from Chinese food always add the words "in bed" to the end of it. It usually makes for some funny reading. The tea bags that we buy in our house also have Chinese fortune cookie-like sayings on the tags. We think they are nice and uplifting, but we also like to add the words "in bed" to the end to make the same kind of joke. Well I'm drinking some tea at work and I bring the tea bags from home. Here's what we have "Happiness comes from contentment .... in bed." So true. So true. Words of wisdom to live by! LOL.


Bonsai said…
Hmmm...I now know why I've been unhappy! ;)

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