Well we're in the two week wait again, but we're too busy around here to think about it too much. On Saturday I bought Gwen Stefani tickets when she comes to Philly in May. Funny thing is Tom told me to buy four tickets when we discussed it before he left for school. I didn't understand since there are three of us, but I did it anyway. I found out after he came home from school when he found out I told Phoebe we were going, that he wasn't planning on taking her but maybe two friends of ours. I didn't think we'd have anyfriends that would be interested in Gwen Stefani and considering Phoebe loves Gwen more than I do, I couldn't go without taking her. Tom thought it would be too grown up for her. I guess he doesn't know her concerts are usually full of pre-teen girls. That and like the two Cirque du Soleils and their one concert weren't too adult for her??? Anyway that's over

Then we had the storm of the winter hit us on Tuesday night. Phoebe's school was closed Wednesday and Thursday. She's enjoyed sledding and playing in the snow, but they didn't get to have any Valentine's Day parties yet. She's had so much time making her Valentines, she really wants to give them out.

Work is really busy. I had a SAS training class on Tuesday. So yup. I'm learning SAS. I'm taking the SAS Programming I class now and SAS Programming II at the end of April. Never thought this day would come, but I'm really enjoying it. I forgot how much I love numbers and statistics. Well in engineering talk it's non-deterministic systems.

Then today, the dog decided to get a UTI, so we went to the vet at 6 PM. She's feeling much better now that she got a shot of antibiotic to start her off. I also feel terribly guilty. She's 87 lbs. Eeeeek! She's always been under 80 lbs and the vet says that's for the best to keep her from getting hip problems as she gets older. Since it got cold this winter, I haven't been taking her for long walks anymore.

I also watched most of "The Secret" last night. Really interesting stuff. Definitely reminds of of things I've always had luck with before. Be grateful for what you have and think positive. On the positive thought I really had fun sledding too. I haven't done that since I was 9 years old.


Bonsai said…
Okay, what IS this Secret?! I've read about it in multiple places and have no idea what it is.
Lauren said…
The storm also hit us pretty good but I think it got us after you. Too early for me to think clearly today to figure it out.

Anyway, I too have no idea what the Secret is but sledding does sound fun...
Crystal said…
I hope the 2ww flies by for you with great results at the end.

I also bought Gwen tickets for when she comes here in May. I'll be 36 weeks then. I hope I'm able to go!



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