I didn't test this morning. I didn't have the heart to waste a test since my temp dropped this morning on schedule. I did start spotting a little this afternoon, but nothing official. That will probably be tomorrow.

On the other hand, I had a great day! Phoebe had her friend Gina over to play today and they had a great time. I baked yummy sweet stuff. I made the most awesome brownies ever!!! And a dutch apple crisp. I love Cooks Illustrated. I get the best recipes from there and these two were from some of their older magazines I just can't throw away! They've done all the hard work testing every thing out. The brownies had three different kinds of chocolate in them. And they were baked perfectly. Not too dry, not too moist. I didn't try the apple crisp other than as I was going along making it.

That's all that's going on here. Lots of PMS fooding.


Bronwyn said…
Sorry about the temp drop and the spotting... If AF comes, at least you can have a glass of wine over the weekend!

I'm drooling over the brownies, they sound delicious!
Lauren said…
Bummer on AF. Although the treats sound yummy. Especially the apple crisp.

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