Another Pic

So I've owed pics of my nose piercing. Now that I can seem to upload pics, here it is! This was from the beginning of June when we were at Valapalooza - the jazz festival at the winery near our house. The owners of this place are great! Their wines are fantastic too - Italian style wines - usually one white and four to six reds are available at one time. Excellent to drink with friends!

So now that this seems to be working, I'll look to start a new blog that documents the building of our house (we moved in February 2006) and all the decor we've been working on since then. We're really big into home decorating. Mostly DH's ideas, but I make some great curtains!

I'll also be posting soon my baby-making protocol. I have to get back on the ball with some of it. The cafe mocha in the morning has to go. Don't think that will help.


Kirsten said…
Thanks so much for your comments on my blog; it always helps to hear from as many mommies as possible!! I so wish I was close enough to be at the NICU more often. I figure once they start bottle-feeding I'll try to get there more often.
Your piercing looks great; very subtle.
Can't wait to hear about your journey for your next baby!
Beth said…
Thanks so much for your comments. I love blogging b/c I can write down all of my feelings and get them out in the open. It is GREAT to hear from other people who are going through the same thing. I'm keeping you in my prayers and hoping that, like me, you will find some answers. The piercing looks GREAT!!!
Monica said…
Love the piercing! Very cute.
Anonymous said…
It is great to see the new pictures. I am always reading your blogs...

Miss Ingflies
Francisco Bacon said…
Very sexy pic, my dear!

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